Monday, February 24, 2020

Here's where I write about a show I haven't even seen........

As most of us know, the halftime show at this years Superbowl created quite the uproar because (GASP!!!) the two performers, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, got a bit raunchy. Disclaimer: I have not even seen the performance. But I feel I know enough about them and their acts that I can make a pretty educated guess. 

The general complaint was that it's a bad example for children. And the Superbowl is family programming (riiiiight). It was counter argued that any professional sports cheerleader show includes the same type of entertainment, so why the hassle over this? I stand behind this line of thinking. Also it was brought up that these two women were actually giving a very empowered performance that payed homage to both of their roots. A small amount of research shows that this is indeed correct. Again, I haven't seen the performance in question; I just haven't been all that interested in seeing it.

But there is more to this it seems. I was visiting an older relative when it was brought up in conversation. He and his wife had seen it and were appalled. It was so raunchy!!!!! This is not a surprising thing to hear from someone in their 80's for sure. None of the rest of us in attendance had seen it or had much of a comment to make. But before dropping the subject, he mentioned the coup de grace of it all. He said "And neither of them is young you know! Both of them are in their 50's!!!". Well then. That changes everything, am I right?!?!?

No sir, no it doesn't. Would it have mattered if they were young? Is it acceptable then? Is it forgivable then? Does it at least make sense then? Or maybe, you've bought into the socially acceptable version of aging; the one where we settle down, know our place, sweep our sexuality under a rug, dress modestly, bow down to the god of youth, have only polite conversation, and generally CRAWL INTO A CAVE TO WITHER AND DIE after the age of 40. 

I'm not here to say that it was a great performance or that everyone should like it. We're all allowed to feel however we feel about it. I'm so indifferent I can't even be bothered to watch it! But I would really love it if we could someday accept that women can be Entertaining, Powerful, Provocative and Worthy of Adoration at Any Age. 

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