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Here's where I write about a show I haven't even seen........

As most of us know, the halftime show at this years Superbowl created quite the uproar because (GASP!!!) the two performers, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, got a bit raunchy. Disclaimer: I have not even seen the performance. But I feel I know enough about them and their acts that I can make a pretty educated guess.  The general complaint was that it's a bad example for children. And the Superbowl is family programming (riiiiight). It was counter argued that any professional sports cheerleader show includes the same type of entertainment, so why the hassle over this? I stand behind this line of thinking. Also it was brought up that these two women were actually giving a very empowered performance that payed homage to both of their roots. A small amount of research shows that this is indeed correct. Again, I haven't seen the performance in question; I just haven't been all that interested in seeing it. But there is more to this it seems. I was visiting an older relative when
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Trying to Make a Commitment

Welp. I have not posted anything here in......uh, years? I think? Not even sure. I tried using instagram as a platform for what I wanted to say. I have given up on that experiment. Not enough control over my own content or how others react to it. I actually had an ANTI-racist post removed because someone found it objectionable. And I was only speaking about myself mind you. I speak love and get banned? I don't think so! So, no more of that.  *I do have an instagram account. But it's just me posting pics I took and captioning them. I bailed on the one I was trying to be more of an activist on. I just don't think instagram was a good fit for ME for that purpose. I have resisted writing for quite awhile now. I don't know why I do that. I'm not a twitter-er. I like words. Lots of them. I SHOULD be writing. It's probably that word "should" that I'm getting hung up on and bent out of shape about. But it's not that it's a chore that needs to be