A Little Background

This blog started out as a way to chronicle our nomadic adventure of living full time in our RV. But five months into our adventure we experienced total break failure when approaching a red light at an intersection. We ended up taking a hit to the rear end of our RV that totaled our RV, the car we were towing and the car that hit us.

It took over a month to settle with our insurance company. At that time we were still very traumatized by the accident and had no desire to go back to life on the road. Various circumstances led us to settle in Brooksville Florida, which is an area of the country we really had no affinity for. From the time we bought a house here and got settled in until now I have pretty much let this little blog just collect dust. But the time has come to clean it up and breath some new life into it!

The title, Breaking Up With Normal, originally referred to leaving the standard way of living behind to explore the country as nomads. I am keeping the title because it still resonates with me very much. I am on an unending quest to explore different ways of living, different ways of being and different ways of relating to others. I'm also committed to doing my part to break through societal norms of how women are expected to be on many levels as well as a number of other status quo issues that need to be challenged.

This blog will now be largely about getting back to myself; to be the person I was born to be before the world told me how to be. Topics on this blog will be all over the place! I care about things like fighting ageism, eating disorders, suicide, LGBT issues, rape culture, mental health, legalization of marijuana, body acceptance, racial equality and representation of marginalized populations. I am a student of personality typing, specifically through the MBTI system as that is what I've found to be the most accurate for myself. I am for sure an INFP. Being this personality type is most likely why I care so deeply about social injustice. It's my nature to do so!

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