Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's Getting Real Here.....

We went and did it. Put down roots. In Florida. Accckkkkk! If you'd told me a year ago (heck, six months ago) that we would now be homeowners, and in FL of all places, I'd have let you know how wrong you were in no uncertain terms. But that's the thing about life. It's always changing and surprising you!

All ours!
We closed on our house almost three weeks ago. It's been a very busy time. After having our offer accepted we had only two weeks till taking possession. So we high-tailed it back to Indy to get more of our belongings. We loaded up our car and Karin's parents also loaded theirs up. That was enough to finish up the job. They were dying to see the house and it was such a blessing to have their help getting our stuff down here. 

Now remember how last winter we parked our RV in a 55 plus campground even though neither of us are there yet? That evidently was a peek into our future. Because we now own a house in a 55 plus community. In fact it's the same neighborhood that Karin's parents, numerous aunts & uncle's as well as a cousin live in. Quite the little family compound going on here. And we are in the thick of it. It's huge neighborhood but we're within very easy walking distance of all the family members. GASP. It's a good thing we all get along.  :)

We looked at 17 or 18 houses and were getting pretty discouraged. Everything in our price range needed more work than we were comfortable taking on. Or they had other problems. Like being too dark inside. Or being on the busy main boulevard. Or backing up to noisy businesses. Oh the list goes on and on. We'd decided to take a break from looking. But Karin was getting daily e-mail updates from the realtor. And one of the houses that had been on our radar but was asking more than we were willing to go, all of a sudden dropped the asking price by $10,000. Which put it close to where we wanted it to be. That was on a Friday. We called up the realtor pronto and she got us in to see it right away. We just knew right away that it was the one. And we were encouraged to get an offer in that day. The realtor didn't expect it to last the weekend. And we were ready to jump on it anyway.   :)

It's the perfect size for us. Nothing overwhelming but big enough for company and overnight guests. It has a fenced in backyard for Dexter. The yard is enough to keep us from breathing down our neighbor's necks but not too much to take care of. It's on a quiet one block long street. The best thing is that it came with ZERO major improvements that needed to be made. Nice new appliances even.

The most challenging part has been trying to furnish it. If you remember, this time last year we were busy SELLING all of our furniture and extra stuff we wouldn't be needing in an RV. And now here we are. Needing all of that stuff! We literally had nothing but a small TV and a reclining chair with ottoman that we bought to put into the RV. Karin's parents had a few basic pieces that didn't need which helped a bit. But for the most part thrift stores have been our primary source for outfitting our new home. In a town known for retirees, there's a pretty constant source of used goods to be had. Much of it in really good condition or just needing a little bit of fixing up. It's actually been a lot of fun rounding up our finds.

In just three weeks time we've found most of what we need for right now anyway. We still have the guest bedroom to furnish but we'll get that done as needed. Karin and I love putting together a home. This has not been a hardship for us. It's been a joy.    :)

This is the screened in porch you walk into from the carport. The door you see leads into the laundry/storage/work room which is huge. The wood stairs you see go to the entry door into the house

Inside the entry- pantry to the right, kitchen to the left and living room straight ahead.
Kitchen, looking into dining room.

Built-in cabinet in dining room. Check out the mirror with gold crackles all over it. Yeah, that will go eventually. 

Dining room looking towards living room. I adore all the windows across the front! We sit up on a hill and have a great view looking down the street. See the table? Such a great find. Danish modern, super solid with drop down leaves on the ends. Came with six chairs which I cut my reupholstering teeth on. Recognize the fabric? We salvaged the curtains that I had made for the RV. Now they are covering our chairs. It's my Scarlett O'Hara moment.  :)

Living room. The door and the window that you see go out to the sun room. 

More living room. Kitchen is behind the TV wall. Dresser the TV is on was another one of our favorite finds. Very old with loads of character. Won't be doing anything to it. We love it just the way it is.

Sun room. Typically these are winter rooms mostly as it's insanely hot & humid out there during the summer. But we're lucky. Ours came with it's own AC/heat unit. Can't wait till we can open up the windows and enjoy the fresh air out here. It's already the cat's favorite room.

Our sun room comes complete with ghostly apparition in the house window.   :)

Bedroom/bath pics will come later. We have projects we're in the midst of for now. I think the focus of this blog will become the rebuilding of our lives in an unexpected place. Setting up house is only the beginning. We're still recovering from our accident in many ways. But having our own space is a very important first step.