Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chug a Chug a Chug a Chug a WOO WOO!

I figure that to get the most enjoyment out of life you have to try some things that you "think" you wouldn't like. Just be open to things that come to you that you would never have gone looking for on your own. And that's how I found myself at a model train exhibit yesterday.

Model trains are one of those things that while being fun for kids, I can't say as I've had any real interest in as an adult. But when Karin's parents wanted to know if we wanted to join them in visiting The Suncoast Center for Fine Scale Modeling, we said "sure...why not?". A friend of theirs is one of the organizers of this museum. It just opened last year in Odessa Florida, outside of Tampa.

Karin & her dad checking out one of the displays
I'm not going to give you a complete rundown of the experience. That's one of my pet peeves of RV or travel blogs. Leave something for me to discover on my own!!! Okay....on to the show.

Right now the museum is only open one weekend a month. You can check their website for schedules. While open they run free workshops for wannabe model artisans. If this is your thing I highly recommend a visit! I, as a non model train person, enjoyed the exhibit a LOT. The displays were chock full of eye popping detail and there was quite a bit of humor to be found if you spent the time to look close. And looking close is half the fun. Really.   :)

Cow pies....teeheehee!!!
This would be a great place to take little ones. They even have step stools that you can take with you through the displays so that the shorties don't miss anything!

We're so glad that we went. I was really impressed by the craftmanship that went into these displays. Bravo!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

RV Reno Phase 1

In case any of you reading think that we full time RV'ers are on a permanent vacation, it just ain't so. Just like everyone else, we have a myriad of projects in the works. It's true that for our first month out we took it pretty easy; I kind of think we earned that. We worked really hard to make this happen after all!

But all play and no work makes for an unbalanced life. And we were both getting antsy to accomplish some reno projects in the RV. So we got off our butts and got busy! The last two days have been extremely productive. We inherited some butt ugly carpet with this RV. Dirty, dusty and pink. It's been driving us crazy. Yesterday,with the help of Karin's parents, we tore out all the carpet in the front half of the RV.

Moving furniture around in such a small space is no easy task. First you have to unbolt it from the floor. And then somehow get it out of the way enough to take up the carpet underneath it. And then you have very little room to move around in while stooped over and scooting around pulling out the endless staples.The good news is the plywood underneath is in great shape so we can proceed with laying down new flooring.

We will repeat this process in the back half later. But first we're going to interrupt the whole process to take a little trip up north to Indianapolis to celebrate the 1st birthday of this adorable little girl. Haven't seen her since she was about seven weeks old. And that's just wrong!!!

My granddaughter Brianna!

It's winter in Indy so no way are we taking the RV up there. Leaving it behind and driving the car instead. Will just be gone a week. And then we will resume Project: Rehab This 90's RV.  :)

A side project we have going is updating all the hideous brass cabinet hardware. There are 51 drawer pulls and handles throughout the RV! Since replacing all of them would be insanely expensive, we decided to just spray paint them. So along with the carpet/staple removal we also unscrewed 102 screws today. Fun! But seriously it felt really good to make progress. Looking forward to completing these projects.


Tight squeeze

First peek at the underlayment

Goodbye ugly carpet!

What a mess

Tackling the stairs


Staple removal....tedious!

Clean slate

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's A Heat Wave....

The weather scene in the US seems to be all discombobulated. East coast enjoying unseasonably warm temps while the southwest is suffering through record lows. Okay, not going to lie. I've been missing the desert something fierce. That is until I saw the freezing temps rolling in there. I do not do cold. It literally hurts. Once I am truly cold through and through (and it doesn't take much) I have a great deal of difficulty getting warmed back up. So....I'm more than happy right now to be soaking up the heat wave we've been blessed with here in Florida! Humidity? Sure. But it beats being cold.

Today we went to visit Karin's aunt & uncle in Madeira Beach which sits next to St. Petersburg. They live in a condo right on the Intracoastal Waterway . Was wonderful to see the water again. We didn't go to the beach because Karin's aunt recently injured herself while walking along a seawall. She fell off of it and onto the rocks below and broke her pelvis. So we were there to give her some company. Poor thing! She has eight weeks of physical therapy ahead of her. But like I said, they are right on the water and there is a fishing pier there. We did take advantage of the gorgeous day and go visit all the water birds out there. Had a dolphin sighting really close to the shore too but I never manage to get a picture of the dolphins! The birds, however, were posing for me.

This one was kinda shy....

This one was a show-off....

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy One Month Anniversary To Us!

Today we are celebrating being full time RV'ers for a month! YAY!!! And what better way to celebrate than by getting a new (to us) car! YUP. Since selling both of our cars back in Tucson over six weeks ago, we've been either car-less or borrowing from awesome friends & family. It has been our goal all along to replace our cars with something that is flat towable; meaning that it is able to be towed by a tow bar with all four wheels on the ground, which is much less of a pain than towing a car on a tow dolly. There are a limited number of models & years which work for this without doing modifications to the vehicle. And we limited ourselves further by wanting automatic transmission instead of a manual. And then of course there comes the difficulty of getting the right combination of age, mileage, condition, reliability and price. OY!

Frustration was beginning to get the best of us. We've spent a ridiculous amount of time hunting and hunting. Most prospects have been located at the very least half an hour away from us, with most being at least an hour away. You can only do just so much driving around in someone else's car for what might end up being a complete waste of time.

We found three different cars we were interested in all at the same dealer, so we made plans to go there the next morning. Got up, checked the website and don't ya know they were all no longer listed! Change of plans I guess, right? Did some more hunting around and found two possible cars located not too far away at another dealer. Not cars we had really even been considering though. But....may as well go and see how they looked. They were both Honda CR-V's. Fabulous cars but because they hold their value so well we hadn't really thought we'd be able to swing one. But still. May as well go have a look. And at the same time we had made arrangements to go the next day to see a car that was about 2 1/2 hours away from us! The only reason we were willing to go so far is that this car came completely tow ready with ALL the equipment included. That's the holy grail folks.

So we go to the dealer with the Hondas. First one we looked at was the last one we looked at. It was love at first sight. And to seal the deal.....without us having any prior knowledge of this, we discovered that it already had the base plate and tow bracket on it!!! This baby had been a tow vehicle already. Bliss!!!!! We  took it for a spin and the love increased. This car was meant for us.

After the requisite wheeling and dealing we got where we wanted it to be and left there the proud owners of a 2004 Honda CR-V with 113,00 miles. According to the Carfax it's only had one owner, no accidents and has been extremely well taken care of. Once we got home with it we looked up owner reviews and found that not only is this a very much loved vehicle, it's been known to last up to 300,000 miles. We are just so very excited to have found her. Needless to say, we cancelled our meeting for the next day. Thank goodness!


We now have Florida plates! ... I feel like I'm cheating on Arizona though

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Feast For The Eyes

We took a little break from the RV between Christmas and New Years. Not because we needed a break though. We had a family gathering to attend on Hilton Head Island. The whole clan camped out in condos on the beach so we left the RV behind. Neither of us had ever been to Hilton Head before. It was stinking gorgeous!This will be an area to explore further once it's warmer. Wide smooth beaches, calm waters, dolphins playing close to shore, lush forest areas, bike paths all over the island. Good stuff my friends.

I have a boat load of pics to share. Is there a limit to how many Blogger let's you post? Let's find out! I may have gotten carried away. ~heeheehee~  To see pics bigger, just click on them.

On top of the windy it took your breath witnessed by Karin's face.

Got hungry, took a bite...wait that's no cookie, it's a sand dollar! was crazy windy, that's not my usual hairstyle.  :)

Karin's dad and niece.....aren't they adorable???

Next post I'll be sharing our newest addition with you. I'm super excited!!!