Thursday, November 15, 2012

Twenty Days Till Blast Off....but who's counting?

It is getting scary REAL. Less than three weeks to go. We're in a really strange place right now. One moment we are freaking out because there is so much to be done. The next we are twiddling our thumbs because there's not that much we can do until the last week or so.

We've completed all the mechanical work that needed to be done before hitting the road. We do have a few small electronics projects which we're waiting to hear from our expert what we need to get so that he can do those. We have been listing stuff on craigslist like crazy. To look at our apartment it would appear that we have barely begun to get rid of stuff. But the truth is that most of it is spoken for, just not gone yet. So actually we are doing very well. And it's nice to still have use of our stuff until closer to departure!

We did some shopping for things we need in the RV. We're trying not to go crazy with that. We'd rather spend time living in it a while and then figure out what our needs really are. I'm sure the first few weeks will be "interesting" to say the least. But I'm really looking forward to making our RV a home. We won't really know until we load it up just how much food we can reasonably store at a time. Or how much clothing we can have with us. I'm not too worried because we really won't have much left! Our closets in the apartment are pretty bare looking already. As is our little pantry. We've embraced minimalism already.  :)

We ultimately decided to sell Karin's car before we leave, drive the RV to Florida without a tow vehicle and then purchase a flat-towable car once we get there. While it will leave us without a way to get around easily on our trek out, it will also mean plenty of driving time to get used to driving the RV before adding the extra length of a tow car. Works for us. We will wait another week to put the car up for sale. We have a friend who will loan us her car to get around here in once the car sells, which hopefully will sell as fast as my car did.

Details. So many details. Ahhhhh......