Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Here, It's Here...THE BLOG IS HERE!!!

And that my friends is exactly what we're setting out to do. We'll get back to ya on how the experiment goes! No matter the outcome, I'm pretty sure we won't regret taking a chance. This is the very first post in our blog which will be documenting our experiment in both nomadic and simpler living. I'm Brenda; Karin will share the writing with me. Say hi Karin!!!

Please check out the tabs at the top of the page to learn more about us and our new home on wheels. We'll be adding to the blog as we have more to share. As we experience what this new lifestyle has in store for us, we'll pass it all on to you. Okay....not every detail, just the ones worth sharing. We hope it will be informative, inspiring and probably most of all humorous! Cause folks here's the deal. Life is a big fat joke any way you slice it. The ones laughing get it. The one's freaking out haven't quite figured that out yet. I'd love to help them let loose a little.   :)

We start this grand adventure December 5, 2012. Six weeks and two days from now. YIKES!!! We'll gladly accept prayers, positive energy, hugs, bad jokes and donations. Especially donations.   :)