Sunday, April 21, 2013

Playing Catch Up...Siesta Key Beach

Need to get caught up on the blog. I've been in one of my "don't want to write" moods. It's laziness. Putting a few blurbs up on facebook is just so much easier, you know? But between Karin chiding me for getting so behind and a friend inadvertently reminding me that daily practice is important I have checked my bad attitude. I sometimes need to be told. Gently or otherwise. I can be stubborn. Or obstinate as my mother used to say.    :)

So after leaving Punta Gorda and our sweet moochdocking spot, we headed a bit north to Lake Manatee State Recreation Area which is in the Sarasota area. This turned out to be a great campground.  The park itself doesn't offer a whole lot to do unless you are a boater. No trails really. But that was fine since we chose it more for it's proximity to Sarasota. The RV spots were the most private we've experienced since being on the road. It was really nice to "get away" from others for a bit.

Our private dining "room"

Do you see any other campers? Neither did we!

Sarasota is a lovely area. The main attraction for us was Siesta Key. Karin had been there a very long time ago and I had never been before. But you know what? We will be back! Siesta Key Beach was AMAZING! Yes, it really is worthy of all caps. 

It's huge for starters. Very long and very, very wide. Even though the parking lots were getting close to full, the beach didn't look crowded at all. There is just so much room to spread out. And speaking of parking, it's free!!! After paying at most beaches to park this was a very happy surprise.

The water was emerald green and the sand was soft and white. We did lots of walking. Not a lot of shells if that is your thing but it makes for such easy walking.

It just blew us away how much "space" we had here.

Hmmmm......really haven't done that much writing for this post. So what was I putting it off so long for?  Good grief Brenda. Why do I do that? Procrastinate over something that isn't even a chore? Silly. I'll leave you with a few more shots (you don' even want to know how many I's fact, that's where the real work is...editing photos...but that's work that I love).


  1. Lovely campsite. Lovely photos.

    (My dad used the phrase "ornery").

  2. Nice campsite! And the beach looks wonderful

  3. I can absolutely relate to the procrastination! The pics are great. You guys are getting into a groove. I love it. We are in Flagstaff right now, and we love the area. Keep up the good work!

  4. Ooooo, I love the campsite. Was it full hookups? The best sites are what you were in + full hookups. Your dining room was divine! I lived in Fort Myers for 20 years and hated the sun/beach so naturally I never was to Siesta Key even though Punta Gorda was only 45 minutes away.

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