Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mexico Beach … aka Heaven!

We took the scenic route along the Gulf Coast north from Steinhatchee to Mexico Beach. As soon as we got settled into our campground we were off to the beach. Lucky for us the beach was only half a mile from the campground. And what a beach! You remember how I gushed about Siesta key beach? Well. It might have some competition. They are two very different beaches in some ways. The thing that Mexico beach has over Siesta Key is it’s complete lack of crowds. It’s every bit as beautiful with white sugar sand and emerald green water. It’s not nearly as wide but that’s okay because there are so few people there. And it’s very long; longer than Siesta Key. You just park along side the road wherever you want. There are boardwalks to the beach spaced frequently up and down the road. Easy. The town of Mexico Beach is very tiny and completely laid back. No night life here! One market, a handful of shops, a couple of eateries and rows of beach rentals all along the beach. No towering condos or hotels. So relaxed!

We spent a week here. And we went to the beach every day. Aside from a quick run into Panama City one day for some necessities, we just soaked up the soothing combination of sun, sand and surf. We felt stress just melting away as we sat there. And yes, we do have stress to deal with just like everyone else! In fact we were going through a particularly rough patch that required us really digging deep to figure out how to deal with a particular situation. And as we sat there mesmerized, we found ideas coming forth much easier than back at the RV. It was a much needed atmosphere for us at the time and we’re so very grateful for it.

We walked and walked (excellent smooth walking beach) and we sat and stared, looking for dolphins. We saw them every day! And on one very overcast day the water was much calmer than usual and as we walked along the water’s edge we saw many stingrays swimming very close to the shore. Even though I tend to be very leery of sea creatures I was delighted! They swim so fast it looks like they’re flying, which makes it pretty hard to get good pictures of them. A couple of times one would see us and turn towards us and zoom up really close. I was torn between wanting to keep trying to snap pictures and not wanting to be stung. Self-preservation won out. We ran out of the water laughing and squealing. Cue Jaws theme music as dark sea creature approaches.......

It is ridiculously difficult to get a good picture of a stingray. They are too fast!

And then there were the sunsets....Mmmmmmmm


  1. I think you did a great job catching the sting ray! Very cool! I sure hope we make it to Florida some day, the Gulf Coast looks especially inviting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking! I love your photos!

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