Sunday, March 10, 2013

When Old People Play.....

Today was beautiful right from the start. Sun shining, forecasted temps to hit 80, a project on the agenda that we would be doing outside since it was going to be so nice. Began the day in the usual way; nice hot cup of creamy hazelnut decaf while listening to the birds sing while getting caught up on the computer. Breakfast eventually; we do like to go hurries if we aren't going anywhere. Ahhhhh......

Another favorite here is watching the world go by. Watching the "mature adult residents" go about their very predictable routines. They seriously are creatures of habit! But then again, who am I to judge, what with the routine of ours I just described?

So that is basically how things were progressing....lazily. And then.....there was something different. A car that sounded different. Different enough to get our attention. Yup. It was different alright! It was an antique. Very antique. And it brought about 20 of it's friends along. Up and down the streets they went. I went outside with my camera and saw that some of the campers had set up their lawn chairs alongside the street to watch the parade. Evidently this was no surprise to them. I guess if we ever bothered to read the monthly calendar here or visit the bulletin board we would have known too. But then again I rather enjoy being taken by surprise. It ends up being more magical I think.

Now an antique car parade is cool. But what happened next was even better. As the end of the line of cars began to pass by I realized there was something more following. I about peed my pants when I realized what was going on. You know how I've mentioned all the golf carts around here? And remember back in December when they decorated them and went around caroling through the campground? Yeah. It was time for more golf cart fun. They had this time fashioned them into various Roaring 20's themed designs and were dressed for the part as well. Now remember, these are a bunch of older "mature" adults. And let me tell you this particular group knows how to have a good time. It's like being around a bunch of kids away at summer camp. I love it! They really threw themselves into it.

First was the Bonnie & Clyde car. Then the Bank car. Then the Paddy Wagon. Throw in some flappers, an enacted bank robbery, some cops and lots of gangsters. And all of them behaving like students on spring break (slight exaggeration). Some of them were even throwing out beads! New Orleans, you got nothing on old Floridians.    :)

Our neighbor had joined us outside and commented "this is what happens when old people play". Well good. Cause I never want to quit playing, that's for sure!


  1. Please. They were reliving scenes from their childhoods. Get out before tennis balls on your walker sound like a great idea.

  2. That's all so awesome! Very fun! I like that the people dressup too, not just the cars/golf carts.

  3. Looks like fun!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and the Halos for Paws suggestion. Seems like a great idea. :-)