Monday, March 25, 2013

Honeymoon Island

Our time here in Brooksville is winding down. We are planning to pull out of here a week from today, barring anything unforeseen. We've been here so long that it will feel a bit like starting out all over again. And in ways it will be very different from our trek from AZ to FL. This time we will be towing a car behind us. AND....we will get to experience backing into a space for the first time ever! YIKES!

We got a bunch of projects done during our stay here. We still have more (of course!) but those will wait for awhile. Time to put the focus on travel. And in that spirit we hit the beach the other day. This time we headed down to Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin, Florida. It's a small island with a very nice main beach and a not-as-nice dog beach. It's nice that they have a dog beach. It's just not nearly as pretty as the main beach!

The day we were there it was not overly crowded which was great. One super cool thing there is that they have wood swings set up along the beach. This combines two of my favorite things; beaches and swings! I thought it was brilliant.   :)

We had the best spot ever for our picnic lunch. Right smack on the beach with the view all to ourselves! Umm....except for some bird visitors (beggers).   :)

From Honeymoon Island you can take a ferry out to Caladesi Island which is larger and supposedly has one of the best beaches in Florida. We chose not to go there on this visit. We could see that less than ideal weather was moving in so we just stayed put so we could make a quick exit if needed.


  1. Love all of the pictures, ladies!

  2. The mermaid and the swingset make me RIDICULOUSLY happy.

  3. The pictures are gorgeous. The swing is cool. The mermaid is cooler. Before you start on your backing up stuff, get together some hand motions. It becomes stressful for the driver and the co-pilot. Also remember to be careful about making turns with a toad in tow. Several times we didn't turn enough and got stuck in the turn. (you can't back up with a toad) We had to hold up traffic while we disconnected the toad. Ahhhh the memories of our cluster-fucks.

  4. Lovely photos! Looks like we'll have to get out to FL some winter! Thanks for sharing.