Friday, February 1, 2013

Attitude Adjustments

I tried to write this last night. It didn't go well. I was tired, sore and dealing with a cold. I wrote a bunch and then managed to hit something that made almost all of it disappear into who knows where. Boy does that ever make me mad when that happens! Last night I just decided it was a sign that I needed to sit back and just do some relaxing and get my hiney to bed early. Good call I think.

This morning I'm still dealing with the cold but I slept well and feel much better overall. Are you all as happy as I am  that we get to start over every 24 hours? It's a grand thing! I'm sitting here in my jammies with my cup of hazelnut decaf, enjoying the sunshine streaming in while the portable heater takes the edge off the overnight chill. I have iHeartRadio playing. It's like Pandora but with more fine tuning available. It was a recommendation from my son. I take advice from my kids. They're pretty smart. They got that from me!

My son Allen and me
And speaking of kids.....    I've been in a wee bit of a funk for the longest time and couldn't figure out what was up with that. Nothing serious, just like a little cloud in my otherwise brilliantly sunny skies. Since being in Florida we've spent a lot of time with Karin's family which has been great. But I hadn't seen any of my own family since last march. While normally that wouldn't be the end of the world, this time around it meant that I had missed out on my little grandbaby growing all the way from six weeks old to a year old. Too long for this baby crazy grandma to go! It was really getting to me. I was worried that when I did finally see her she wouldn't have anything to do with me because I was a stranger to her. And that's a very sad thought for me.

So one of our biggest reasons for making the crazy leap to full-time RV living was that it would allow us to see our families more often. Last week we scooted ourselves up to Indianapolis so that we could be there for Brianna's first birthday. Boy oh boy did that ever perk me up! And my worries were a waste of energy (as they almost always are). I got in lots of snuggle time with my little girl and her brother as well. It was wonderful! And when we left it was so much easier to say goodbye knowing that we will be back for a much longer visit in just a few months. I don't have to feel as though I'm being split in two in order to spend quality time with my family while still having a life of my own that suits me. My parents are due to arrive here any moment and will be in the area for the month. How cool is that? They come down here every February, their little winter escape. So we will get to share a bit of that with them this year.

The birthday girl and her very happy graandma
And something else that brightened my world was when we came back to the RV there was a surprise waiting for us courtesy of Karin's parents. While we were away they had gone ahead and installed the flooring in the front half of the RV! We were so excited. It looks absolutely beautiful, just what we were wanting. What a difference it made. Yesterday we spent the day tearing out the carpet in the back half and then removing those blasted staples. Which explains why I was so tired and sore last night. So worth it though. Can't wait to get the project finished up. I'll post pics once it's all done.  :)


  1. Aww, such a cute granddaughter...and handsome son! So glad you got to enjoy her big day (and are settling in to full-time RVing so nicely!)

  2. I love reading about you and Karin' s adventures! (Doesn't mean I miss you ladies any less)

  3. i'm enjoying the ride along on your adventures. I totally agree about time spent with family, and how this roving lifestyle is to meld with that. It does take time to all gel and show up how you envision (and is a continuing evolution!) so glad you managed to get this visit in for first birthdays!