Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's A Heat Wave....

The weather scene in the US seems to be all discombobulated. East coast enjoying unseasonably warm temps while the southwest is suffering through record lows. Okay, not going to lie. I've been missing the desert something fierce. That is until I saw the freezing temps rolling in there. I do not do cold. It literally hurts. Once I am truly cold through and through (and it doesn't take much) I have a great deal of difficulty getting warmed back up. So....I'm more than happy right now to be soaking up the heat wave we've been blessed with here in Florida! Humidity? Sure. But it beats being cold.

Today we went to visit Karin's aunt & uncle in Madeira Beach which sits next to St. Petersburg. They live in a condo right on the Intracoastal Waterway . Was wonderful to see the water again. We didn't go to the beach because Karin's aunt recently injured herself while walking along a seawall. She fell off of it and onto the rocks below and broke her pelvis. So we were there to give her some company. Poor thing! She has eight weeks of physical therapy ahead of her. But like I said, they are right on the water and there is a fishing pier there. We did take advantage of the gorgeous day and go visit all the water birds out there. Had a dolphin sighting really close to the shore too but I never manage to get a picture of the dolphins! The birds, however, were posing for me.

This one was kinda shy....

This one was a show-off....


  1. A wonderful bird is the pelican
    His bill will hold more than his belican


  2. Make sure you look into eating at "The Columbia". Mmmmmmmmm. It's in St. Pete.

  3. Who sez no one likes a show-off? Great pics!