Friday, December 21, 2012

Only in Florida......

This evening while staying warm inside the RV we heard music coming from outside. It's a very quiet community (old people!) so it really got our attention. We flew to the door and attempted to open it (been having problems with it opening & closing properly). Got it open and ran outside. What to our wondering eyes did appear but a golf cart parade of Christmas carolers. Only in Florida! There were a lot of them, all decked out with lights and other holiday fun stuff.  It was both amusing and touching. We laughed. We cried.

This campground is made up of mostly permanent residents living in structures built around what once were mobile RV's. Many of them look like ordinary houses. But others leave clues to their past lives. I'm intrigued by the transformation of these houses on wheels to houses without wheels. I'll take some pictures to show you all later.

The "official" mode of transportation here is golf carts. It's a hoot to watch them all making their daily rounds. Sort of like an elderly version of cruising. Whoever thought I would be happy living in a retirement community? But I think we enjoy being the youngest ones around. This morning we spotted a couple of twenty somethings out walking and it was like "whoa look at the YOUNG PEOPLE!!". Ahahaha.

We've been spending a lot of time at Karin's parents house. They also live in a 55 plus neighborhood. But it's  not the campground type. And it's huge. But it's still funny. Look what we found in Karin's uncle's yard.

Flaccid palm tree. Go ahead and laugh. God knows we did! Click pic to make bigger.  Pun intended.   :)

In other news, we are still searching for a car. No luck thus far. At this point we are pretty much putting it off until after the holidays. We are being shuttled around by Karin's parents for the time being. All is good.


  1. In serious need of some Viagra I'm guessing. :)

  2. If you'd go an hour to Dunellon I can give you a car dealer's name. He is an old friend and like no car guy you'll ever meet. Also a GOOD many years older than you your are. He is incapable of being untruthful. If you haven't found anything email me at and I'll give you details.

  3. Poor palm tree. It looks like it's trying to relocate like an inchworm or something.