Sunday, December 16, 2012

Disguised As Old Ladies

Hard to believe but we've been settled into one place for three full days now. It feels awesome to be contentedly setting up housekeeping for a good spell rather than to be pulling out every single morning for the road. We had allowed ourselves ten days for the trip even though we had it broken down into eight travel days. We built the extra days in "just in case". Our first day on the road ended up being one of those. But we got into Brooksville two days early since we didn't lose anymore days.  :)

Since our reservation for the campground we had lined up wasn't for another two days, we decided to get a spot somewhere else for our first two nights here. But we loved the first place so much we ended up cancelling our reservation at the other place, especially after driving over there and checking it out. Much better where we already are! It's out in the country, woodsy, quiet and very pretty. It's also a 55 plus community, which both of us are NOT. So shhhh! everyone and don't give us away. Can't believe we crashed an old peoples campground. But what a difference it makes to not have kiddos running amok or a lot of party animals.

We've been busy getting our stuff better organized and are realizing that we could go even smaller if we wanted to. We have some extra storage space at this point. Makes me happy! We've also been spending time with Karin's parents which is why we're here in the first place. Feels good to know we can spend plenty of time with them. They rock!

We called a mobile RV guy the campground recommended about some of the problems we've been having. After talking to Karin a few minutes he said "you guys are new to this aren't you?". Hahahaha....wonder what gave us away? Two of the problems he talked us through over the phone. Yup. They were super simple fixes. The refrigerator and outlet that didn't work were due to a tripped GFI outlet. And the propane not firing was just because we didn't have the LP detector switch in the right position. Oh embarrassing! He will be out to check out the water tank issue in the morning. He suspects a valve not connected properly somewhere. Hoping he's right, although from what we saw am still thinking it's the tank itself.

Once we get that all squared away the next thing on our agenda is to buy a car that we can flat tow behind the RV. We came out here car-less. Our unexpected repairs on the road ate into our car fund though. So it's going to be a bit more challenging to get what we need. We're renting a car right now to get around in. So  we need to find a car before the end of the week.

So far we are all (fur babies included) adapting very well to living this way. In fact I'd say we are loving it!





  1. Glad my girl Katie is well..and you gals too! Miss you already!

  2. Oh yea, starting out is just one embarrassing moment after another - I remember it well! Wear your newbie status with pride - and know that it won't last very long.

  3. We too have found we like to stay in one place longer rather than move really often. We manage to build some down time into our days that way.

    I enjoy reading your blog and your adventures starting out. We are newbies too and the different-ness of the lifestyle wears off pretty quickly.


  4. So glad nothing was wrong with your fridge or propane! Sorry I didn't think to have you check your propane detector to make sure it was on, turning it off shuts the solenoid at the tank. You may find that your propane detector is very sensitive, things like canned air and floor cleaners can set them off (doggy gas will do it, too).

    Here's hoping your water tank is an easy fix.

  5. You mean those Old Folks communities don't require ID? Heckfire, I could pass for 55+ anywhere. I'd do the talking - Annie would have to stay in the Duck.

  6. Awesomeness. I was wondering why you seem to have deadlines in getting here to there. Be free spirited, stay a while in each place and relax. I am so excited to read your adventures!